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Have you been thinking about adding space to your home? Do you feel an extension would be too costly, or take up too much of your garden? Enhance your lifestyle and view with a special and private area in your own property.

Our outdoor glass retreats make a striking addition to any garden and landscape.

Make the most of your garden or view whilst adding value to your home, but at a much lower cost than an extension.

Retractable glass roofs, fixed skylights, glass walls with sliding doors, can all come together to create a delightful space for dining or relaxing, whatever your outdoor glass retreat calls for.

Our Davantech glass retreats are fully compliant, using fit-for-purpose structural glass, which is bonded to a powder coated steel frame using the Davantech method.This bypasses the standard mechanical fixing of the glass to a substructure which increases the strength and integrity of the system due to the elimination of holes and point load. Davantech is seismically superior to other generic systems on the market.

Davantech engineers manufacture stainless steel supports which require precise fabrication to allow the glass to fit exactly into the support bearers of our glass retreats.The glass is then bonded onto the stainless end supports, offering seamless design due to no mechanical fixings.

Add a warm and comfortable living space to your home.

The Davantech bonding agent has a durability of 50 years and is not subject to UV degeneration.

With your Davantech glass retreat flooded in sunshine you are now 15% neurologically healthier.

Expand your horizon with one of Davantechs glass retreats now. You deserve it!

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