Stylish easy to install glass balustrades

Our balustrade systems have already been recognised as the best in New Zealand appearing on many award winning homes.

Frameless balustrades look incredible and create an uninterrupted view from your balcony or stairs. It creates a truly impressive finish to your home and provides a high level of safety. Frameless glass balustrade is also incredibly durable and easy to keep clean.

Davantech glass balustrades are at the leading edge of design and technology. They are custom made to best suit your home or business.

Our standard systems not only cater for external balconies but look great inside the home along landings and down stairways. From design to compliance, we handle it all!

Key Benefits of a Frameless Glass Balustrade

Whether you’re using frameless glass balustrades in your home or your workplace, they provide undeniable benefits for you and your property. In addition to the already mentioned safety benefits and stylish appeal, frameless glass balustrading offers several functional advantages as well. They provide unrestricted, unimpeded views that allow you to sit back and enjoy your surroundings.

Additionally, a well designed and installed frameless glass balustrade can also improve the value of your property should you wish you put it on the market at a later time.

Effortlessly strike a perfect balance between safety, style and functionality

Make the Most Out of Your Space

Delivering high quality, cost effective solutions


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